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Safety Recognition Awards

Program Information & Criteria

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Applications due November 12, 2020

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For questions concerning the awards program, please contact Megan McCullough at 202-587-4241 or by email at mmccullough@meatinstitute.org.

The primary program goals are to motivate participants to improve their safety performance through the establishment of sound safety and health programs at the plant level and to recognize those plants that have achieved a high level of safety performance as part of the continuing effort to reduce occupational injury and illness.

In addition, the program can boost employee morale, reduce expenses associated with injuries and illness in the workplace and enhance the meat and poultry industry's overall image regarding employee safety and health.

The various levels of awards that may be earned are based on an evaluation of each eligible plant's actual safety performance as well as its implementation of various key components of an effective safety and health program as measured by the safety program questionnaire. Of the 1,500 points available, 900 or 60 percent may be earned based on the outcome of a statistical analysis of the plant's injury and illness data performed by National Safety Council staff. The analysis will include an evaluation of both the Total Recordable Cases rate and the rate for Cases With Days Away From Work, Job Transfer, or Restriction (DART). The two rates will each be worth up to 450 points (one half) of the total points available for safety performance.

This year, we are accepting applications for plants with NAICS codes other than 311611, 311612, and 311615. For more information or to apply for a plant with a different NAICS code, contact Megan McCullough at mmccullough@meatinstitute.org or Hank Bongers at hbongers@meatinstitute.org.

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