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About NAMI

NAMI is a national trade association that represents companies that process 95 percent of red meat and 70 percent of turkey products in the US and their suppliers throughout America.

Headquartered in metropolitan Washington, DC, NAMI keeps its fingers on the pulse of legislation, regulation, and media activity that affects the meat and poultry industry and provides rapid updates and analyses to its members to help them stay informed. In addition, NAMI conducts scientific research through its Foundation designed to help meat and poultry companies improve their operations and their products. The Institute's many meetings and educational seminars also provide excellent networking and information-sharing opportunities for members of the industry.

NAMI is governed by elected leaders who direct a professional staff. NAMI elected leaders include five officers, the President and Chief Executive Officer, a Board of Directors and Executive Board. Representatives on both of these bodies include leaders in the supplier and packer/processor segments of the industry. NAMI also has operating groups, both policy committees and advisory committees, to allow member companies to recommend NAMI policies in their primary areas of interest. Policy committees focus on broad functional and operational areas and develop policy recommendations for specific issues within these areas. Advisory committees provide specialized advice to policy committees.