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Foreign Animal Disease

The occurrence of a foreign animal disease (FAD) in the U.S. could devastate the food animal industries. In the event of an outbreak, it is likely that live animal movement, product movement, and exports would be halted for an unknown amount of time. Being prepared for an outbreak situation can help keep plants running or shorten the amount of time that movement or exports are stalled in the event a foreign animal disease is discovered in the U.S. This page contains information on various foreign animal diseases that can threaten the United States, and provides guidance on how to prepare and handle an outbreak situation. Additional information can be found by following the links to global and U.S. information pages for specific diseases, embedded in each document.

Fact Sheets

NAMI Foreign Animal Disease Guidance Documents

Other Helpful Documents

Secure Food Supply Plans

These plans provide opportunities to voluntarily prepare for an outbreak before it occurs. Participation in these plans will better position herds/farms that are negative for an FAD to continue moving animals, therefore maintain business continuity in the face of an outbreak.

Letter to Pork Suppliers from Packers regarding African Swine Fever

This letter can be used by NAMI members to inform and engage their hog suppliers about African Swine Fever and what measures can be implemented to prevent the disease on their farms.

Secure Food Supply/Regionalization/Compartmentalization

This resource explains the similarities and differences between the concepts of the Secure Food Supply Programs, regionalization, and compartmentalization.

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