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Animal Care and Handling Conference

Animal Care and Handling Conference
October 16-17, 2014
Kansas City, Missouri

Wednesday, October 15

Pre-Conference Workshop
Customer Briefing on Livestock Production Issues

Antibiotics in Livestock and Poultry Production
Consumer Research, Knowledge and Attitudes
Janet Riley, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, American Meat Institute
What the Science Shows
Mike Apley, Ph.D., DVM, Professor, Kansas State University
Growth Promotion Technologies
Beta Agonists: Where Are We?
Dan Thomson, Ph.D., DVM, Professor, Kansas State University

Housing for Sows
The Veterinary Perspective
Gail Golab, Ph.D., DVM, Director, Animal Welfare Division, American Veterinary Medical Association
The Industry's Experience
Sherrie Webb, Director, Animal Welfare, National Pork Board

Thursday, October 16

General Sessions
Opening General Session: In Meat We Trust: A History of Meat in America
Maureen Ogle, Ph.D., Author

Humane Slaughter Enforcement: Policy and Program Update
Lucy Anthenill, DVM, Ph.D., District Veterinary Medical Specialist, USDA-FSIS

Customer Perspective on Animal Welfare: Panel Discussion
David Fikes, Vice President, Consumer Community Affairs, Communications, Food Marketing Institute
Mike Morris, Manager, Animal Welfare, Yum! Brands Global Quality

Pork Track
The ABC’s of Pigs
Kellye Pfazlgraf, DVM, Tyson Animal Well-Being, Tyson Foods,

Advanced Handling for Cattle and Pigs: Case Studies in Animal Handling (Joint with Beef)
Lacey Alexander, Animal Welfare Specialist, Cargill Meat Solutions
Rob Elder, Ph.D., Director, HACCP, Food Safety, and Regulatory Compliance, Seaboard Foods
Glee Goodner, Animal Welfare Specialist, Validus

PEDv Update
 Lisa Becton, DVM, Director of Swine Health Information and Research, National Pork Board

Veterinary Thinking On Sow Housing
Gail Golab, Ph.D., DVM, Director, Animal Welfare, American Veterinary Medical Association

Stunning Pigs and Determining Insensibility: Electrical and CO2
Temple Grandin, Ph.D., President, Grandin Livestock Handling

Stunner Maintenance
Chuck Bildstein, Bunzl Distribution

Beef Track
The ABC’s of Cattle
Cameron Bruett, Chief Sustainability Officer, JBS USA

Stunning Cattle and Determining Insensibility
Temple Grandin, Ph.D., President, Grandin Livestock Handling Systems

Stunner Maintenance
Chuck Bildstein, Product Specialist, Bunzl Distribution

Market Cow Quality
Tiffany Lee, Student, Kansas State University

Poultry Track
The ABC's of Poultry
Tim Knight, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Kraft Foods, Inc.

Poultry Hatchery and Breeder Issues
Karen Christensen, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Arkansas

Poultry Processing
Yvonne Thaxton, Ph.D., Professor and Director for Food Animal Wellbeing, University of Arkansas

National Chicken Council Animal Welfare Guidelines
Kellye Pfalzgraf, DVM, Tyson Foods, Inc.

National Turkey Federation Animal Welfare Guidelines
Tim Knight, Ph.D., Kraft Foods

Handling Audits and Auditing Programs
Brooke Bartz, Student, North Carolina State University
Friday, October 17

General Sessions
Closing General Session:Animal Agriculture and the Environment
Jude Capper, Ph.D., Livestock Sustainability Consultant

Pork Track
The Relationship Between Good Pig Handling and Quality
Dan Hale, Ph.D., Professor, Texas A&M University

Transportation Research: Fan Banks
Christy Goldhawk, Ph.D., Advisor, Animal Well-being, Elanco Animal Health

Beef Track
Solving Veal Handling
Jerry Karczewski, Owner, Karczewski Consulting

Mobility Scoring
Michelle Calvo-Lorenzo, Ph.D., Professor, Oklahoma State University

Dehorning: Options and Welfare
Dan Thomson, Ph.D., DVM, Professor, Kansas State University

Management and Policy: Focus on Small Plants
Handling in Small Plant Setting
Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Grandin Livestock Handling Systems
Erika L. Voogd, President/Owner, Voogd Consulting, Inc.

Firearm Stunning for Small Plants
Jennifer Woods, Owner, J Woods Livestock Services

Systematic Approach for Small Plants
Glee Goodner, Animal Welfare Specialist, Validus