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Member Resources

NAMI provides its members with a variety of assistance, guidance and information

One of the most critical benefits of membership with the Meat Institute is the selection of resources that provide topic-specific information in a variety of areas. These documents can help you face the toughest crisis, improve get your plant sanitation system or simply write a killer press release.

Weekly news is captured and printed in our weekly newsletter Lean Trimmings. It is considered one of the most thorough and timely newsletters in the industry.

Looking to find a job or fill a position? Visit our Meat Industry CareerLink. Formed through a partnership with American Meat Science Association and Southwest Meat Association, this is the premier online destination for trade and professional jobs in the meat industry.

Also published by NAMI and now available online, The NAMI Meat Buyer’s Guide® is the premier resource publication for foodservice purchasers, educators, students and the many others who deal with the public and our industry. It is the most comprehensive meat and poultry identification manual available, including sections on Beef, Lamb, Veal, Pork, Further-Processed/By-Products, and Poultry.

Additional content areas provide the user with trim/quality specifications, food safety information, material requirements, grading descriptions, and the industry’s most complete meat glossary.

The Meat Buyer’s Guide® online also features Mexican Spanish translation, designed for Hispanic users in the U.S. and Canada, as well as the Mexican meat trade.