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A Welcome Message from NAMI President and CEO Julie Anna Potts

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) is a membership association governed by elected leaders and staffed by 38 professionals.  NAMI elected leaders include six officers, 80-person Board of Directors and a 40-person Executive Board.  Representatives on both of these bodies include leaders in the supplier and packer/processor segments of the industry.

NAMI has also created committees within its membership to allow member companies to recommend NAMI policies in their primary areas of interest.  Policy committees focus on broad functional and operational areas and develop policy recommendations for specific issues within these areas.  Advisory committees provide specialized advice to policy committees.

NAMI represents all sectors of the meat and poultry industry from large, multi-national companies to small, family-owned businesses.  Many of its members have been with the Institute since its founding in 1906.  NAMI advises, informs, encourages and supports the industry and its members every single day.  NAMI is the only organization offering such broad and effective representation to the North American animal protein industry.

The Institute, always member-driven, works hard to represent the interests of the U.S. meat and poultry industry to the federal government, Congress, the media and the ever-important customer.  Please continue reading through the rest of the membership section to learn more about the great history and evolution of the Institute.

Many things have changed in the century since our founding, but many things remain the same, most notably our commitment to represent this great industry of ours honestly and effectively in Washington DC.

If you are already a member, we thank you.  If you are not, please consider joining our Institute.  Now, more than ever, this industry must stand together.

Best wishes,

Julie Anna Potts
President and CEO