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Step 2: Conduct a Crisis Audit

In much the same way that a meat or poultry company determines the “critical control points” in manufacturing a particular product, the Core Crisis Management Team should convene to determine what crises the company might encounter. The team should consider the potential risk of the following crises:

• Product Recall
• Foodborne Illness Outbreak Associated With Product
• Product Tampering
• Natural Disaster
• Worker Injury
• Environmental Crisis
• Animal Rights or Other Protest Strike
• INS Raid/Investigation
• Fire
• Highway Accident Involving Company Truck
• Biosecurity incident
• Animal disease outbreak

Consider, also, what crises might be triggered by aspects unique to your company, products or your community.

• Has your company been the target of previous investigations?
• Do you have a history of certain crises, like environmental problems, that might resurface?
• Are there any activist groups nearby who could cause problems for your company, like a protest or boycott?
• Is there a government official in power in your community who bears any hostility towards your company?
• Are located near a river or other body of water that might flood?
• Is your plant location subject to other natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes or brush fires?
• Are you located near an international border?
• Is a union seeking to organize your workforce?
• Do you supply product to “vulnerable” populations in institutions like hospitals, nursing homes or day care centers?