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American Meat Institute Says Cancer Project Billboard Outside Indianapolis Motor Speedway is on Collision Course With Facts

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Washington, DC -- It's National Hot Dog Month and the pseudo-medical animal rights group the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and its affiliated Cancer Project are seizing the publicity opportunity by attacking hot dog safety in an effort to advance their goal to create a vegan society.

"Hot dogs are part of a healthy, balanced diet. They come in a variety of nutrition and taste formulas and they are an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals," said AMI President J. Patrick Boyle. "This group's claims are on a collision course with the facts."

According to Boyle, many studies have concluded quite the opposite of The Cancer Project's claims. One of the largest studies ever done on red meat and colon cancer -- a 2004 Harvard School of Public Health analysis involving over 725,000 men and women and presented at the 2004 American Association for Cancer Research Conference -- showed no relationship between meat and colon cancer. This federally funded analysis used one of the most accurate methodologies - pooling original data from multiple studies together -- and found that red and processed meats are not associated with colon cancer.

Other studies have reached similar conclusions. A listing of these studies may be found at: http://www.meatsafety.org/ht/d/sp/i/41421/pid/41421

Boyle also noted that the widely respected American Medical Association has called PCRM's past dietary recommendations "irresponsible and potentially dangerous."

"Consumers need a healthy balanced diet and they need balanced, credible information," Boyle said. "When it comes to nutrition and cancer, check with health sources like your doctor, dietician or the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. You can be assured that they will tell you that a healthy diet can include processed meats like hot dogs."


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