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AMI Says Provisional Agreement With EU on Beef Trade Is Encouraging First Step

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Attribute Statement to AMI President J. Patrick Boyle

“The provisional agreement reached today between the United States and the European Union ─ while only an agreement in principle ─ is an encouraging positive step towards restoration of beef trade between the U.S. and EU.  Given the support in the U.S. and the EU to find a workable solution, we hope that the member states will approve this agreement.  Restoration of beef trade between the U.S. and the EU is long overdue. While this is only a first step, we are hopeful that it is represents movement in ending the trade friction that has existed for so long.  We hope that this initial opening will lead to a larger and fuller restoration of beef trade in the future.  AMI recognizes the hard work and long hours of negotiating undertaken by the offices of U.S. Trade Representative and USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service and commends them for the positive momentum on this issue. ”



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