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American Meat Institute Foundation Adds Six New Videos to `Ask the Meat Science Guy' Consumer Education Series

Thursday, November 13, 2008

KANSAS CITY, MO – As part of its commitment to food safety education, the American Meat Institute Foundation (AMIF) today added six new videos to its “Ask the Meat Science Guy” consumer education video series.  AMIF unveiled the videos at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters’ Annual Convention in Kansas City, Mo. 

“Ask the Meat Science Guy,” which features well-known meat expert Randy Huffman, Ph.D., president of the AMI Foundation, is a nine-part, short video series that provides answers to many of the questions consumers pose about meat and meat safety.  The videos are currently featured on AMI’s YouTube channel, Meat News Network:  www.youtube.com/meatnewsnetwork.  

In the videos, Huffman addresses topics that include:  sodium nitrite benefits and safety; cooking steaks versus cooking hamburgers; safe meat handling during pregnancy; the USDA meat inspection process; how to tell when meat is fresh; how hot dogs and sausages are made; “enhanced” meat products; kosher meat; and the difference between fresh and aged beef.  

“Social and new media outlets like YouTube are really emerging as influential forces in educating consumers and shaping their opinions and behaviors,” AMI Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Janet Riley said.  “Consumer research shows there is a knowledge gap in food safety information, and we hope that these YouTube videos will help close that gap.”

For more information on meat safety, visit http://www.meatsafety.org/, and for more information on the “Ask the Meat Science Guy” series, contact Tom Super at 202-587-4238 or tsuper@meatinstitute.org

The American Meat Institute Foundation is a non-profit research, education and information foundation established by the American Meat Institute to study ways the meat and poultry industry can produce better, safer products and operate more efficiently.


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