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Annual Meat Marketing Conference to Build Industry Alliances from Farm to Table

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

When the Annual Meat Marketing Conference convenes on April 4-7 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, it will bring together all facets of the meat industry to discuss food safety and consumer trends.

Sponsored by the American Meat Institute Foundation (AMIF), Food Distributors International (FDI) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI), the conference will feature educational sessions, “how-to” workshops, networking opportunities and other activities designed to help build industry alliances.

Two educational sessions will set the framework for the conference, “Welcome to the Global Marketplace” will show innovative marketing ideas from meat departments around the world, and “The Meat Summit” will address several key issues facing meat processors, distributors and retailers. A third session, “How to Manage a Food Safety Crisis and Keep Your Customer Base,” will focus on specific strategies for handling a food safety crisis.

The conference will also share ways to engage the consumer by marketing the value of meat. Participants will hear creative ideas to put meat at the center of the plate through sessions like “Who’s in the Kitchen,” which will explore what it will take to get consumers excited about cooking meat again, and the product tasting reception, featuring new, easy to prepare products and ideas from packers and processors.

Special events will demonstrate innovative consumer marketing ideas. A tour of the most progressive supermarkets in the Orlando area will feature Gooding’s Supermarkets Hiawassee Store, demonstrating the latest products, equipment and meat merchandising techniques. And Walt Disney World, the master of customer service maintaining millions of loyal customers, will teach participants ways to provide value to customers through exceptional service.

A series of ‘how-to” workshops allow participants to work in smaller groups and explore specific areas from a marketing perspective. Topics to be covered include the implementation of in-store Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) programs, consumer attitudes about irradiation and the benefits of category management. Each workshop will be repeated, allowing attendees to choose the two issues that most affect their business.

The “Technology Fair,” a successful addition to last year’s conference, will feature companies involved in cutting-edge technology and services demonstrating innovations in such areas as packaging, information services and category management. This is an opportunity for attendees to learn about products and services in a low-pressure situation.

For more information on the Annual Meat Marketing Conference, contact FMI’s registrar (Phone: 202/429-4517; e-mail: registrar@FMI.org), visit FMI’s web site (www.fmi.org); AMI’s web site (www.meatami.org) or AMI’s Education and Convention Services Department (703/841-2400); or FDI (Phone: 703/532-9400; e-mail: wayne@fdi.org).


American Meat Institute Foundation

The AMI Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to research, education and information that benefit the meat and poultry industry. Originally created in 1944, the AMI Foundation today solicits grants from government, industry and other organizations to fund a broad range of food safety, worker safety, nutrition and consumer information projects.

Food Distributors International
Food Distributors International is a trade association comprised of food distribution companies that supply and service independent grocers and foodservice operations throughout the United States, Canada and 19 other countries. The association and its foodservice partner, the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA), have 263 member companies that operate 831 distribution centers with a combined annual sales volume of $165 billion. IFDA represents member firms that annually sell over $50 billion in food and related products to restaurants, hospitals and other institutional foodservice operations.

Food Marketing Institute
The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is a nonprofit association conducting programs in research, education, industry relations and public affairs on behalf of its 1,500 members including their subsidiaries--food retailers and wholesalers and their customers in the United States and around the world. FMI’s domestic member companies operate approximately 21,000 retail food stores with a combined annual sales volume of $220 billion--more than half of all grocery store sales in the United States. FMI’s retail membership is composed of large multi-store chains, small regional firms and independent supermarkets. Its international membership includes 200 members from 60 countries.

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