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AMI Statement: GAO Report On Compliance With Feed Regulations

Monday, March 14, 2005

The American Meat Institute is pleased that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) acknowledged the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) significant improvement to its management and oversight of federal feed regulations.

FDA’s comprehensive inspection records show substantial compliance with the federal ban on feeding ruminant protein to ruminants. We share FDA’s view, detailed in its response to the GAO report, that the agency’s inspection and oversight have been transparent and thorough and that FDA’s statement that the feed industry is 99 percent in compliance with the feed ban is fair and accurate.

USDA’s BSE surveillance program is further testament to the feed ban’s success. USDA has tested more than 275,000 cattle since June 1, 2004, with no positive cases. FDA’s feed restrictions should be credited with preventing the spread of BSE in the U.S.

GAO’s responsibility is to provide constructive criticism. FDA has properly evaluated GAO's recommendations and no doubt these will only make a good program even better.

For more information contact:
David Ray
Vice President, Public Affairs
Janet Riley
Sr. Vice President, Public Affairs

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