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American Meat Institute and Five Other Organizations File Amicus Brief in Montana Litigation

Monday, January 30, 2006

The American Meat Institute (AMI), together with four other organizations, submitted an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief in support of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) rule allowing cattle and beef imports from Canada. The brief urges the continuation of cattle and beef trade with Canada, noting that none of R-CALF’s dire predictions about reopening the border have come true.

Joining AMI in the filing was the National Meat Association, North American Meat Processors, Southwest Meat Association and the Eastern Meat Packers Association. In the brief, AMI and the other “amici” argued that the rule opening the Canadian border was working well, and that the arguments that restoration of beef trade with Canada would “undercut consumer confidence in U.S. beef and that the influx of Canadian cattle would adversely affect domestic cattle prices are not borne out by USDA economic data.” The amici also pointed out that, despite R-CALF arguments that restoring trade with Canada would stymie efforts to reopen lost markets overseas, a number of countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chile, Egypt, St. Lucia, the Philippines, Cuba, and Taiwan have reopened their markets to U.S. beef.

“Once again, a fringe group is attempting to slam shut the border with our largest trading partner by using alarmist rhetoric about food safety and consumer confidence when they know that Canadian beef is every bit as safe as the beef raised in this country,” said J. Patrick Boyle, President and CEO of the American Meat Institute. “While R-CALF puts on its Chicken Little outfit and tries to convince consumers that the sky is falling, Americans and Canadians continue to enjoy and consume the best, and safest beef in the world,” he said.

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