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Food and Drug Administration Risk Assessment Shows Animal Cloning Is Safe

Friday, October 31, 2003

(Attribute this statement to AMI Foundation President James H. Hodges)

The Food and Drug Administration's animal cloning risk assessment, like other studies that have preceded it, affirms the safety of cloning as a means of producing high quality livestock that will in turn yield high quality meat products.

The agency has performed a thorough review of the issue and its conclusions should be reassuring to the public. Cloning is a natural progression in animal breeding techniques that essentially produces a "twin." The genetics of the cloned animal are the same as its parent and are not altered during the cloning process.

Meat from cloned livestock currently is not marketed to the consuming public. This risk assessment will aid FDA in its decision-making process regarding the marketing of meat from cloned animals.

For more information contact:
Janet Riley
Senior VP, Public Affairs
Dan Murphy
Vice President, Public Affairs

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