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Japan's Liberal Democratic Party Calls for More Careful Approach to TPP.

Monday, March 4, 2013

(American Meat Institute)

Following a U.S. Japan Summit meeting, Japan's Liberal Democratic Party called for what it described as a "more careful approach" toward Japan's participation in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.  The party's Policy Research Council and Research Commission detailed six specific national interests that they said must be protected.  Included in the list were tariffs on products of agriculture, forestry and fisheries.  The commission said "Sensitive products of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, such as rice, wheat and barley, beef, dairy products, and sugar, must be excluded from negotiation or subject to renegotiation for the purpose of maintaining their sustainable domestic production."  Also included were food safety standards: "Compromise must not be made on food safety regulations, especially for limits for pesticide residues and food additives, mandatory labeling for genetically modified foods, country of origin labeling for imported materials and regulations for BSE."

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