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Three High Protein Meals Per Day Promotes Weight Loss in Overweight Men, Study Finds

Thursday, March 31, 2011

(American Meat Institute)

When keeping daily energy intake constant, three higher protein meals per day may be a more effective weight loss strategy than increasing the number of meals per day in overweight and obese men, according to a new study by The University of Missouri and Purdue University that will be published in the April issue of Obesity.

Over a 12-week period, 27 men were placed on an energy-restriction diets.  Participants consumed either a normal diet with 13 percent of energy derived from protein or higher protein diet (25 percent of energy).  After seven weeks on the study, each person consumed their diet over three eating occasions (EO)/day or six EO/day in randomized order, for three consecutive days.

Hunger, fullness, plasma glucose and hormonal responses were assessed.  Daily hunger, desire to eat, and preoccupation with thoughts of food did not differ between groups. Independent of eating frequency, higher protein led to greater daily fullness and peptide YY concentrations.  Protein quantity did not influence daily hunger, glucose, or insulin concentrations.  

Independent of dietary protein, eating every two hours led to lower daily fullness and peptide YY concentrations.  Eating more frequently also led to lower glucose and insulin concentrations.

Higher protein “intake improved daily satiety and evening appetite control, whereas greater eating frequency had relatively no impact on these outcomes. These data suggest that an energy-restriction diet containing a moderate increase in dietary protein consumed in three-EO leads to better appetite control and satiety in overweight and obese men,” the study concluded.

To view the study abstract, go to http://www.nature.com/oby/journal/v19/n4/abs/oby2010203a.html.

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