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AMI Voices Opposition to Extending Ethanol Tax Credit in Politico Ad

Thursday, November 18, 2010

(American Meat Institute)

AMI, along with a diverse coalition of organizations, voiced its opposition to a one-year extension of ethanol tax credits in a full page print advertisement today in Politico, one of the primary newspapers covering Capitol Hill.

The ad urges Congress to find more fiscally responsible ways to promote the development of truly sustainable fuels, noting that a new study has found that a one-year extension of the $6 billion ethanol tax credit would create only 296 jobs at the cost of $20 million per job. The ad also noted that spending $6 billion would increase ethanol production by only 380 million gallons — at the cost of one-tenth of one percent of gasoline consumption.

“Extending the corn ethanol tax credit isn’t just bad news for taxpayers. It’s also bad news for consumers worried about higher food prices and clean air and water and farmers who raise livestock,” the ad reads.

To view a copy of the ad, click here: http://www.meatinstitute.org/ht/a/GetDocumentAction/i/64348

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