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FSIS Issues Directive 5420.1, Revision 6

Friday, August 7, 2009

(American Meat Institute)

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service yesterday issued Directive 5420.1, Revision 6:  Homeland Security Threat Condition Response – Risk-Based Food Defense Verification Procedures. 

In the event that the Department of Homeland Security declares a Threat Condition, this revised Directive provides a risk-based approach for food defense verification procedures that Inspection Program Personnel (IPP) would perform.

According to the Directive, key points covered are:

• a risk-based approach for scheduling food defense verification procedures

• how threat condition declarations will be communicated to field personnel

• how to respond to threat condition declarations

• how to effectively address and resolve noted security concerns in order to ensure that food is protected, thereby protecting public health

• how to determine if an establishment has developed, implemented, tested, and assessed, and maintains, a food defense plan

To read the reason for reissuance and Directive 5420.1, Revision 6 in its entirety, click here:  http://www.fsis.usda.gov/OPPDE/rdad/FSISDirectives/5420.1Rev6.pdf


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