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Poll Finds Kids Taking Different Approach to Restaurant Meals

Friday, June 19, 2009

(American Meat Institute)

Today’s kids are no longer as attracted to kids’ meals with toys and kids’ menu options, according to a new poll by the NPD Group, a leading marketing research company.

The report, which tracked consumer usage of commercial foodservice for 2008, found that while both options continue to be the most popular for children under 13, kids’ meals were down 11 percent, while orders from kids’ menus were down 4 percent.

 Contributing to the decline in the number of kids’ meals with toys and kids’ menu items ordered is that fewer children are eating out, the poll states. Children’s parties declined 5 percent in the quarter ending February 2009, compared with the same quarter last year, after more than three years of growth.

When kids do dine out, pizza is by far the most popular fast food item for children. Fries and chicken nuggets are also popular, but are on the decline. Items gaining popularity include hamburgers, tacos and pasta for older kids, with fruit and ice cream gaining popularity for younger kids.

 For more information on this poll, go to http://www.npd.com/.

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