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FSIS Issues Notice on Movement of Product Between Custom Exempt Facilities

Friday, October 31, 2008

(American Meat Institute)

The Food Safety and Inspection Service has issued Notice 76-08, which explains the conditions under which custom exempt products can be transported between custom exempt facilities. The notice also reiterates policies related to specified risk materials (SRMs) as defined in 9 CFR 310.22(a).

According to the notice, if an owner wishes to move custom exempt product from one custom exempt establishment to another for further processing, the owner must demonstrate control of the product, either by having direct physical control or by giving written direction to the custom facility owner or operator to move the product.

If the custom exempt facility is transporting product, Office of Field Operations (OFO) personnel will verify that the facility has records that demonstrate that the product was or is being transported at the product owner’s direction (9 CFR 303.1(b)(3) and part 320). OFO personnel also will verify that the receiving custom exempt facility also maintains records to verify the owner’s control. Custom exempt product cannot contain SRMs

To view this notice in its entirety, click here: http://www.fsis.usda.gov/OPPDE/rdad/FSISNotices/76-08.pdf

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