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AMIF Process Lethality Determination Spreadsheet Updated

Thursday, July 31, 2008

(American Meat Institute)

AMIF's Process Lethality Determination Spreadsheet has been updated. The process lethality instructions and spreadsheet on the AMIF Web site (http://www.amif.org/) has a new look, is easier to understand and provides some examples of lethality data from the literature for certain products.

The purpose of the process lethality determination model is to provide meat processors with a science-based validation tool that can be used as supporting material to demonstrate the effectiveness of a specific heat process.  Specifically, the interactive model allows the user to input actual in-process time and temperature data from a given cook cycle to determine if the process achieves the required log reduction for the microorganism of concern.  The goal is to map the heating and cooling profile of the product by observing the temperature characteristics of the product during heating and cooling and relate that to known pathogen lethality values from the scientific literature.

Users should read the accompanying documents that provide detailed instructions and background information on Integrated Time-Temperature Processing.

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