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AMS Announces Daily Lamb Market News Reports

Wednesday, January 2, 2002

AMS announced last week that two revised daily lamb market reports and one new daily report will be published beginning January 7, 2002. These publications will complement existing reports issued as part of the Livestock Mandatory Reporting Program. The revised reports are the U.S. Daily Lamb Report and the Western Daily Lamb Report. AMS analyzed data obtained from packers to determine the purchasing methods being used by individual plants and concluded that confidentiality guidelines could be met for negotiated and formula lamb transactions if daily data collected from packers was aggregated in a multi-day report. The same procedure is used for lamb carcass reporting. These reports will be published each day when aggregated data includes three or more packers and no individual packer provides more than 70 percent of the data. If, on an daily basis, the confidentiality guideline is not met, the data will be aggregated with data from succeeding days until the confidentiality guideline is met.
The new report, the National Daily Lamb Carcass Cutout Value Report, is calculated based on sale transactions involving boxed lamb cuts and approximates the value of a lamb carcass based on reported prices for boxed lamb cuts. For more information visit the AMS web site at www.ams.usda.gov.

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