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AMS Offers Voluntary Certification of Sanitary Design For Equipment Used in the Processing of Livestock and Poultry Products

Monday, January 8, 2001

The final rule issued January 5, 2001, by the Agricultural Marketing Service titled "Regulations Governing the Certification of Sanitary Design and Fabrication of Equipment Used in the Processing of Livestock and Poultry Products" goes into effect today. The rule establishes a voluntary, user-fee-funded program under the provisions of the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946. The program will provide third-party assurance that equipment meets minimum requirements for cleanability, suitability of materials used in construction, durability and inspectability. Certification will be given for a four-year period and may be renewed for an additional four years if the product has not undergone design changes affecting its cleanability, durability or inspectability since the previous certification. AMS may deny certification of some types of equipment or utensils for a variety of reasons. However, the applicant or its representative may appeal a denial. To view the rule in its entirety please visit:

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