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Animal Ag. Groups Point out Importance of Bio-based Fuels to Treasury Department

Friday, January 26, 2007

In an effort to encourage the growth of bio-based transportation fuels, some of the nation’s largest animal agriculture groups urged the Department of Treasury to quickly finalize a broad interpretation of "thermal depolymerization" to help foster growth of renewable diesel in the U.S. The letter, sent to Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Eric Solomon, was signed by the American Meat Institute, National Chicken Council, National Pork Producers Council and the National Turkey Federation.

The groups point out that some of the initiatives under way to encourage the growth of biofuels have had negative consequences for the meat industry and animal agriculture in general. “However, the tax incentives available for Renewable Diesel not only offer exciting opportunities for our industry, but also have the potential to deliver a significant amount of renewable, clean fuel to U.S. consumers.”

“Renewable Diesel is a clear, virtually free of sulphur and aromatics fuel produced from a broad array of renewable, bio-based sources including animal fats. Renewable Diesel has many favorable fuel ignition qualities such as an exceptionally high cetane value, cleaner combustion, and greenhouse gas emissions that are, in some cases, less than 10 percent of those from fossil fuels. Renewable Diesel can also be readily incorporated into the existing fuel marketing infrastructure.”

The signers add that a broad interpretation of “thermal depolymerization” in the Department’s guidance will align the goals of energy independence and cleaner fuels with tax policy. “It is vital that we support developing technologies that fully utilize our existing agricultural capabilities and energy infrastructure,” they add.

For a full copy of the letter, click here: http://www.meatinstitute.org/StoryLinks/2007/renewabledieseltaxcredit012606.pdf

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