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Listeria Roundtable Underscores Need for Comprehensive Strategy to Eliminate Listeria monocytogenes

Thursday, November 16, 2000

A coordinated and comprehensive strategy that includes equipment innovation, sanitation, ingredient technology, post processing technologies and careful handling by distributors, retailers and consumers is the best means of reducing and ultimately eliminating Listeria monocytogenes (L.m.) and the human illness listeriosis. This was the overarching message at "Listeria 2000: Industry Sponsored Research Update," sponsored by the AMI Foundation and the Sara Lee Foundation at the Georgetown Center for Food and Nutrition Policy yesterday. The goal of the meeting was to provide a forum to share new L.m. research.

During the roundtable, more than 70 scientists, academic experts and regulators discussed 14 ongoing and recently completed research projects on equipment design, new test methods, the use of anti-microbial additives, irradiation and other post-packaging pasteurization technologies and consumer handling issues that may contribute to Listeria growth and to cross contamination of foods. The AMI Foundation funded six of these projects. For more details, visit AMIF’s web site at http://www.amif.org or view and AMIF press release at http://www.meatinstitute.org/Template.cfm?Section=Current&NavMenuID=274&template=PressReleaseDisplay.cfm&PressReleaseID=230.

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