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NAMI Distributes Memo About Security Concerns and Awareness.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

(North American Meat Institute)

Recently, a NAMI member company thwarted an attempt by two individuals affiliated with Direct Action Everywhere (DXE), an animal activist group, in gaining access to their facility. The two individuals from DXE almost gained access to the member's facility by wearing company hats and shirts and blending in with employees during a shift change. However, they did not have an employee ID badge and were caught.

Members are reminded to be vigilant and ensure people entering facilities are employees of the company and possess all of the proper credentials, such as an ID badge, electronic entry cards or other means. Members should be aware of the recent tactics used to gain access to company facilities and the importance of reinforcing facility food defense and security measures. For companies that use ID badges, suggestions to strengthen security measures include posting security officers in the line of employee traffic, especially during a shift change, in order to view the full ID badge. If an individual does not have a badge, forgot their badge or refuses to show it, security should not allow access to the establishment without first verifying they are who they claim to be.

Questions on how to ensure facility security can be directed to Clarissa Moreaux at cmoreaux@meatinstitute.org , (202)587-4243, or other NAMI staff for guidance.

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