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Meat Institute Op-ed in The Hill Calls for USDA Regulation of Lab-Grown Meat

Monday, July 23, 2018

(North American Meat Institute)

“Lab-grown” and “cell-cultured” meat should be subject to USDA, not Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regulation, according to an op-ed by Meat Institute President and CEO Barry Carpenter that appeared last week in The Hill. In his op-ed, Carpenter contends if a product originates from livestock or poultry cells, and if the manufacturer wants to market the product as meat, then it should fall under USDA oversight, alongside all other USDA-inspected meat products in the marketplace.

“You can’t market the product as meat and seek to enjoy the infrequent, less burdensome FDA regulatory system. USDA’s comprehensive inspection system encompassing everything from food safety to label approval is necessary to ensure meat marketed to consumers is safe,” Carpenter writes.

Most FDA-regulated products, Carpenter notes, are inspected annually, or even less often, whereas meat and poultry plants and products are inspected daily.

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