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Meat Institute Submits Comments to Health Canada Regarding Front-of-Package Labeling

Monday, April 30, 2018

(North American Meat Institute)

The Meat Institute submitted comments in response to Health Canada's proposal to add mandatory front-of-package (FOP) labeling on foods high in saturated fat, sugar and sodium. The proposal would require foods exceeding the proposed threshold for sodium, sugar or saturated fat, to bear a FOP nutrition symbol for that nutrient, or nutrients, on the label. According to Health Canada, the proposed regulations would provide quick and easy guidance to help consumers make informed choices about packaged foods, help improve the nutritional quality of packaged foods and help health professionals educate consumers.

"The Meat Institute supports front-of-package labeling initiatives that are voluntary, science-based, practical and quantifiably improve public health through enhancing the consumer's ability to make healthy food choices. Health Canada's proposed FOP labeling requirement, however, does not satisfy those objectives and should be withdrawn and revised," the comments state. The Meat Institute also said Health Canada's proposal may result in misleading labeling and have unintended, adverse consequences.

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