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Meat Institute Grassroots Efforts Growing Steadily

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

(North American Meat Institute)

The Meat Institute's grassroots political efforts are heating up as more than 65 Members of Congress have received letters in support of House and Senate bills that would prohibit the Department of Treasury from implementing changes to the tax code on estate and gift tax valuation discounts that could greatly harm family businesses. If the bills do not pass, and the Treasury Department moves forward with the tax code changes, the changes could impose significant new costs on family businesses.

The initial signup for the online grass roots system takes less than three minutes. The system automatically identifies users' lawmakers and formats the letters; subsequent letters can be sent even more quickly. The system also allows senders to customize the letters with information about their companies if they choose to do so and allows for easy sharing of the letters throughout companies. More than 30 Members of Congress received letters sent earlier this year in support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement and approximately the same number of individuals urged lawmakers to hold scientists who receive federal monies accountable for publishing their research.

"Communications from constituents are the most powerful lobbying tools that exist and with our members' help, our grassroots program can be key to achieving our legislative objectives," said Meat Institute President and CEO Barry Carpenter. "I hope that all members will visit our grassroots site to send these important letters - and share the site throughout their companies."

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