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New Meat MythCrushers and Antibiotics Videos Forthcoming

Thursday, June 25, 2015

(North American Meat Institute)

The Meat Institute public affairs team spent last week in Nebraska shooting several new videos. These included six new topics as part of the Meat MythCrusher video series. The videos feature interviews with meat science and other experts discussing common myths about meat nutrition, safety, processing and more. The newest videos will be released throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall and winter. All of the Meat MythCrusher videos can be found at www.meatmythcrushers.com .

NAMI also worked with veterinarians from the University of Nebraska on a new video about how antibiotics are used on the farm. The video will discuss antibiotics and the variety of considerations veterinarians make when prescribing them to animals. The video will be released later this summer.

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