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Meat Institute Joins Panel on Meat at Washington Post Conference

Monday, March 30, 2015

(North American Meat Institute)

NAMI President and CEO Barry Carpenter was featured on a panel called "Meat In the Middle" at the Washington Post Changing the Menu conference , held in Washington, D.C. Carpenter was joined by author Nicolette Hahn Niman and butcher Adam Danforth. The discussion focused on meat's role in our diets and the sustainability of meat production. Carpenter explained the many nutrition benefits of meat and poultry products and highlighted the important role processing plays in sustainability.

In response to some of the questions from moderator and Washington Post columnist Tamar Haspel, including one which inaccurately suggested "Americans eat too much meat," the Meat Institute posted a blog detailing the clear evidence against this claim. According to research reviewed by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, the protein group is the only one consumed at the recommended amounts.

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