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Research Shows Consumers Seek Nutrition Benefits of Meat and Poultry Products

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

(North American Meat Institute)

Americans value the nutrition and balance that meat and poultry products deliver in the diet, according to new research recently released in the 10th annual Power of Meat report, produced by NAMI and Food Marketing Institute (FMI). The report, which examines consumer perceptions, attitudes and behaviors regarding fresh and processed meat and poultry, for the first time studied health and wellness trends, finding that 79 percent of shoppers put some or a lot of effort into making nutritious and balanced meat and poultry choices. Consumers differed in the benefits they conferred to meat versus poultry products. Meat products, including beef, pork and lamb, are associated with nutrients, such as iron and protein, followed by their role in a balanced diet and providing energy. Consumers value poultry products, such as chicken or turkey, for the balance they provide in the diet, followed by the nutrients they offer and their contributions to maintaining a healthy weight.

Overall, price and convenience remain the principal consideration for shoppers when buying meat and poultry, and price is seen as the greatest challenge to making nutritious and healthful meat and poultry choices. The Power of Meat study also revealed that Millennials seek out protein in foods, associating meat and poultry consumption with nutrients, energy and building physical strength, but are unsure of how to prepare cuts they deem to be more healthful. The study's top ten findings are available here.

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