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Meat and poultry products include substantial information on their labels to inform consumers about the contents of the package. All pre-packaged meat and poultry products carry ingredient statements, which are carefully regulated by law. Nutrition labeling is also provided on prepackaged products -- like hot dogs and bacon – under the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990. In addition, nutrition information is provided at retail stores for fresh meat, poultry, and fish. Some items also may bear other information on the product labels, like information about the country-of-origin of the animal from which the meat is derived. Information about all of these labeling issues is provided here.

2013 Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling Rule

July 2013: COOL Lawsuit

May 2013: COOL Final Rule


For information about a variety of meat and poultry product labels, visit the FSIS's Labeling and Consumer Protection Website. National Uniform Food Safety Labeling Act (March 27, 2003)