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NAMI Re-Vamps FAD Web Page, Provides Guidance on FAD Preparedness.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

(North American Meat Institute)

Meat Institute staff, with member input, have developed guidance documents to help establishments prepare for and recognize the clinical signs of various foreign animal diseases (FAD), including African Swine Fever and Foot and Mouth Disease. The Meat Institute also included a sample letter that members can send to their suppliers to raise awareness and help the industry prepare for an FAD outbreak. An outbreak of any FAD in the U.S. can have devastating effects on the population of food animals, and can result in severe trade restrictions for live animals and meat products. The new FAD web page will serve as another resource for Meat Institute members to gain information and guidance on various FADs, and how to prevent and prepare for an outbreak situation. The new material can be found here. Contact Dr. Tiffany Lee, Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, with any questions or concerns.

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